What if we all started referring to our Twitter descriptors when introducing ourselves to new acquaintances? - Hi, I'm Sam. I write books.

- I'm Sally. I'm a lover and a fighter.

I mean, why not? Why not put a real face to the virtual selves we've consciously chosen to define, and own it?

I'm a New Yorker. I'm a vegetarian. I'm a people connector. I'm a guy who eats things. I'm a pie enthusiast. I'm a bon vivant. I'm an aspiring zen master. I'M an aspiring zen master! I'm a cat medic moonlighter.

Silly, but there's obviously some truth to them all. Could make for a fun party, or a really terrible dating service ad.

My all-time favorite has to be Mia Farrow's description for herself, though: I'm trying.

Seeing Red