Retro, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down

I never thought I'd be one to say this (especially since my mother thinks I'm the reincarnate of my great grandmother—a woman and the tastes of another era residing in my core), but I'm getting a little sick of all the retro, past-inspired collections.

Sure, there are certain silhouettes, cuts, garments that hail from a specific era but happen to look good universally (like these bathing suits, for instance), but it's becoming laughable how so many of their translations into modern designs look less like that, and more like costume reproduction.

The story's already been told. And retold. We know the ending. But maybe that's where we get caught: both in how a designer tells the story of of a collection, and how the rest of us read it. It's easy for us to reach for those familiar words, too: vintage, retro, 40s, 50s, 60s-inspired, throwback, past-present, etc.

The best new styles are the ones for which the words to describe them don't come too easily; they're brilliant and somewhat (or entirely) unfamiliar, and that's exactly what makes them so revolutionary.

Kimye & Co.

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