Kimye & Co.

I just finished reading New York magazine's Fall Fashion issue and the cover story on Kim Kardashian. At one point she's referenced to being one half of "Kimye," the entity known as her relationship to Kanye West. Even though they've been around since the days of Spederline and Bennifer, celebrity name mashups are just so funny to me—like there's a third person in the relationship. Kimye, TomKat, Brangelina... But what about some of couples from the past, real or fictional, whose love stories occurred before all this nonsense. What would they be?

Juleo (Romeo + Juliet) Cleony (Cleopatra + Mark Anthony) Scarett (Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler) Bogall (Humphrey Bogart + Lauren Bacall) If they were both around and tussling today, no doubt Liz Taylor and Richard Burton would have a moniker: either Lizard, or perhaps more appropriate for all of Taylor's bling: Richizzz!

What are some other good ones?

Bathing Beauty

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