C'est La Vista: Winter Carnivora

Personally, if there's one common thread running through the autumn/winter season's styles, this is what I see: clothes for meat-eaters. No! Not literally (but fashion rarely is). It doesn't matter how skinny or even malnourished the models walking down the runway may look—the styles this season have an overwhelmingly, unapologetically, fierce, and yes, carnivorous appearance to them. From blood-stained lips to leather and animal skins, to the color of the season—oxblood—not to mention all the military and equestrian-inspired wares, these are garments for hunters, not gatherers. Even the most feminine styles, dripping in opulence, convey a certain notion about their wearer: she is NOT someone who sups on humble vegetables.

As a vegetarian, I'm gonna have to fake it these next few months.

Not funny, you guys.

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