Not funny, you guys.

I came across an ad in this week's issue of Time Out New York for the New York Comedy Festival. Of the nine-plus comics shown, there wasn't a single female in the mix, nor was one's name even called out on the side as a daily headliner or supporting act. I'd like to say, "Oh, well all the funny women in the world are too busy for this quaint little gathering because they're working on their MEGA-high-profile moneymaking comedy projects," I really would, but that's not the truth.

Calling out this lame omission with sarcasm would be an equally-lame form of acceptance—like, "Oh yeah, men are so much funnier than women, but at least we have better legs." Not funny, guys. This reminds me of Christopher Hitchens' statement in Vanity Fair that women aren't funny—and the incredibly smart retorts that came from some of the world's funniest women. Of course women are funny, just as there are many men who aren't funny (humor doesn't live in your gonads). I only wish they didn't have  to spend so much of their time fighting dopey stereotypes just to have the chance to prove it.

(PS - This image is intentionally old-timey because everything else about it looks like it should be straight out of the 1950s. Doesn't it?).

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