The Lives Of Others

I love reading people's diaries. Not the kind with locks and the words "Keep Out!" scrawled on the front in marker or the ones tucked away in drawers—I had my fun doing that growing up in a large family. I'm talking about the diaries and daily records you'll find in magazines and online. I eat them up. From the most mundane day-to-day regimen, to the extreme habits of extremely eccentric individuals, there's something so satisfying about glimpsing into the lives of others this way. It's not just a snapshot of their lifestyle, but also their routines, their habits, their bad habits, their compulsions and irritations, their joys and perhaps even what they look forward to. Whether or not the subject comes right out and says this, sometimes you can subtly tell by the way the rest of their day and schedule stacks up.  One of my favorites right now is the "My List" monthly feature in Harper's Bazaar, from which I recently learned that Karl Lagerfeld drinks Diet Coke from the minute he gets up to the minute he goes to bed; Vera Wang travels around in a mobile office unit (a very large van), complete with a pharmacy, fridge, blankets and pillows in the back; and Peter Dundas eats ice cream 330 days of the year.

I also loveNY Mag Grub Street's The New York Diet, which is basically a random selection of notable New Yorkers recounting what they've eaten over an entire week's time, from their morning Nespresso, to perhaps a second gut-bomb dessert they polish off with abandon while stress-eating after a long day (obviously honesty determines the level of interest). Who else likes peering into the lives of others this way?

Brave thoughts.

What if?