Signature Style: Red Russian

RedLipsMy neighbor knows how to rock the red lips...which is pretty much always. It doesn't matter what day, hour, whatever else she's wearing or might be feeling—there's always just one first thing I see and remember: those crimson smackers.

I finally commented on them last weekend when we both opened our doors to pick up our newspapers. There she was at 8 am in baggy jeans, a loose sweater and slippers, getting ready to do some Christmas baking. In other words, the lady wasn't going anywhere. But those freshly-lacquered lips looked like they had a different agenda going on.

Her shade, which goes perfectly with her pale skin and red hair, by the way, is "Russian Red" by MAC. But more than copycat her color, I plan on emulating the gesture—that simple and consistent touch that makes a big impression (and may just compensate for the sweatpants I've been shamefully—and too frequently—wearing out in public).

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