Savoir Faire: Starting A Blog


"Savoir Faire" is a new series, featuring some of the awesome pals I'm lucky enough to know. For my work, I get to write about a lot talented individuals in various fields and industries, but sometimes the people who impress me the most are part of my own circle of friends. I'm constantly wowed by their skills, their accomplishments, their ideas and their why not share that?

Lauren and Farrell Feighan are the sisters behind the aptly-named blog Sister Disco, a collection of the things they love, shared experiences and random musings, all presented through their individual perspectives, and posted from opposite ends of the country. It's like they're having a long-distance conversation with each other and invited the rest of us to observe and even chime in. Since Sister Disco is just about a year old, I asked Lauren and Farrell to offer some pearls of wisdom from the experience thus far. (Spoiler: it goes without saying, but they really, really love each other.)


1) It is scary to put yourself out there, but we do it anyways.

There are often times that I wonder why I blog, but I always remind myself that blogging is only as serious as you make it. It's supposed to be a fun thing that keeps my sister and me connected and inspired. That was always the intention, so I try to stick to it!

2) I am forever changing.

It is pretty cool to be able to look back through the blog and see how I have changed in my life. I am so glad that I have the documentation of my hard and happy times, and see that I have always tried to be true to myself and transition with grace and ease.

3) I love my sister

No matter how many times we have talked that day, or how many years I have known my sister, she always surprises me. I have witnessed her open up through our blog in the most beautiful way. She has always been a role model of mine and I am proud to say that she won't ever stop being one.


1) Let the feeling guide you.

There are many aspects to blogging aside from drafting the posts themselves. Sometimes I find myself very energized to work on one aspect of the blog, and completely uninterested in another. I’ve learned it’s really important to let that feeling guide the work I do at any particular time.

2) I really scored in the sister department.

I actually knew this before we started Sister Disco, but I wouldn't be who I am today without having Farrell in my life.

3) Relationships can be formed and strengthened through the internet

Blogging initiates a dialogue and offers the opportunity to collaborate and interact with a whole swath of people—ones you knew before and ones you've never met. It is a delightful outcome I didn't anticipate.

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