Citrus Appeal: Add Lemon To Your Coconut Water

IMG_2238 Last week I met up with a friend for a brainstorming session, and he served me coconut water with lemon. Not a lot of lemon—the same amount you'd use to turn a glass of plain old water into "lemon water"—but it was just enough to give the subtle coconut a little more life. Delicious! With that extra bit of oomph, suddenly it was a drink, not just flavored water. He said his neighbor, an editor at Vogue, told him to try it and he's been doing it ever since. I haven't been this excited about a simple beverage enhancement since a friend turned me on to the kalimotxo (red wine + Coca-Cola = Don't knock it til you've tried it).

Tuesday Q&A: May 14, 2013

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