Greasy spoonfed

On a bitter Sunday morning—when you must leave the house—what better way to combat winter's cold shock to the system than a steaming plate of omelette and hash browns, crispy and gooey, and that much better tasting when they're pushed around into a single pile of food that can now be called grub?

It took me a little over a year to finally visit the greasy spoon diner around the corner from my apartment, but it won't be that long before I go back to see if the same waitress normally dresses in floor-length lace cocktail dresses for her day shift (or if it was perhaps a look from the night before), or if the omelette special does in fact ever change. Cozy and homey, with its sticky menus and mismatched furniture, it filled my belly and warmed the cockles of me little heart. What are some of your favorite greasy spoon restaurants?

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