The 12-year plan

Calling all sommeliers, oenophiles, and wine lovers! All hands on deck! A close pal and I are embarking on what we'd like to refer to as the "12 Year Plan," to celebrate, and, ok, ok, maybe also enforce, the longevity of friendship. It's also a really great excuse to get some good sauce in our systems.

Here's how it works: we'll invest in a case of vino (red), that's not only delicious now, but also has the potential to get even better-tasting through the years. See where this is going? We'll uncork and drink one bottle this year, followed by another every subsequent year. Now we just need to pick the wine.

We've already queried a few expert friends, one of whom recommended a 2009 Biz Bourgogne Rouge Les Perrieres. Any other suggestions? We'd like to keep the case price under $450, and of course, being the savvy investors that we are, we do plan on tasting our top picks before making a commitment.

(PS - J, I can't wait to see what you'll look like 12 years from now.)

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