Forcing the Issue

A few weeks ago, I decided: A) I need a drink. B) *@#$ it, I'm drinking rosé.

It's April, the vernal equinox has passed, and we're officially in the calendar months of spring. So bring on the pink stuff, to spite this modern-era ice age we've been living in! And maybe something a bit stronger too, to warm my bones before going back out into the cold...

I've taken this season-forcing approach in other ways too: I finally retrieved my hibernating bike from basement storage, pumped up its tires, and had it tuned-up for some quick cruises on the sunny side of the street. I bought radishes at the farmer's market. I added a few highlights to my hair, ate my first ice cream cone of 2014, and started dotting my calendar with outdoor activities, concerts, and hopeful plans for dinners al fresco in the next few weeks. Spring forward, I keep telling myself.

On the other hand, when it comes to dressing, I can't seem to get over the hump. It's a case of wardrobe Stockholm Syndrome. Even on the few blissfully warm days we've had here in NYC, I never had my wool peacoat far from reach...we've been burned too many times by winter's wicked return to not be prepared for another sudden temperature drop.

The closest I've gotten to spring dressing is wearing my jeans, but truthfully I wear those year-round.  The Times recently published a story on the current proliferation of floral prints and going forth in technicolor, even if winter's grey and stark landscape is still lurking on the other side of our doorstep. Yet after a childhood of Laura Ashley dresses, it'll likely be another life before I embrace garden prints again. Another idea could be to incorporate just one summery piece, like a shoe or accessory, into an otherwise wintry outfit. I considered ditching my boots and high-tops in favor of a lighter, more feminine style of shoe paired with tights or thick socks (see above). Pumps with socks (a la Chanel) remind me a little too much of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, but platform sandals could be a good fit for me.

Baby steps. I'll try, but I'm not going to force it. However I dress and for whatever season or occasion, the one thing I always want to come across is effortlessness. And if that means still dressing like a ghurka, then I'll at least do it confidently. We're blurring the lines between seasons more and more anyways these days, while some styles transcend seasons altogether. In a somewhat bold mood this weekend, I did send all my winter coats to the dry cleaner at once. They'll come back to me buttoned, zipped, and tied up, and hanging under plastic, where I hope they'll stay for a very long time. But should I need it, my black wool peacoat pairs surprisingly well with summer whites.

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