Question: When you describe your physical appearance to someone before meeting in person, do you note your skin color?

Recently I made plans to introduce myself to a new colleague, face-to-face, at an event we'd both be attending. She and I were emailing earlier that day, and when we figured out we'd be in the same place later on, I wrote, "Great! I'm tall, and I have brown hair...I'm wearing such and such," etc. It never occurred to me to offer up my skin color or ethnicity—until we did meet. She's black and I'm white. It's not that our differences in ethnicity actually meant anything, it's just that it made me realize both of us omitted to mention what could arguably be one of the first physical features we'd notice (regardless of whether or not we're actually taking a conscious note of each other's skin color, it's there—your skin covers your entire body). With visual forms of social media as commonplace as they are, for many of us it's rare to even have to describe our appearances at all—it's already out there for everyone to see, whether some of us like it or not (thanks Google). But what about those occasional instances when you do have to elaborate on your appearance? When I detail my physical self to someone who's never seen me before, sometimes right down to the type of jewelry I'm wearing, I almost never mention my skin color. Should I? Do you?

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