Star Struck

If you follow astrology and have any interest in horoscopes, then you already know who Susan Miller is. Then again, even if you don't follow astrology, you probably still know who Susan Miller is...she's who your other friends are constantly referring to when they say things like, "Susan said I shouldn't sign any contracts this month while Mercury's in retrograde," or "Next Wednesday's full moon is supposed to be a friendly one."

Two months ago, the popular astrologist advised her readers that April was going to be a brutal month across the signs. And while most of us managed to slog through it, the start of May brought its own form of punishment: a week passed before Miller, who has been seriously ill with an intestinal issue (her own personal sufferance from April's calamitous alignments) was able to post readings for the new month on her website And the same for June.

The delays left of us, myself included, I'm still sometimes surprised to say, lost, confused, anxious, and feeling uncertain—at best. Distraught and paralyzed wouldn't be inaccurate descriptors either. What floors me about all this is the idea that so many New Yorkers, the cynical types that we are, have come to embrace astrology as a legitimate form of self-help with Miller as our sweet and doting life-coaching guru. She's better than a life coach, even. Whereas those professionals equate their success with helping you reach some form of your own, Miller's readings come across less like tips and directions, and more like genuinely concerned words of advice as we try to make sense of our lives and this world we live in. She's the unconditionally supportive girlfriend to your pensive, emotionally-detached therapist. And while I can't read into the future or know what the stars have in store for Ms. Miller, my best attempts to reciprocate her friendship mean wishing for a swift recovery.


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