Game Change

Womens_Soccer_Nike We're about halfway through the World Cup...except we're not really. We're actually only about halfway through one half of the World Cup—meaning, the men's competition. The FIFA Women's World Cup takes place this time next year in Canada. And yet I've started to wonder how many people know there is in fact a women's World Cup, compared to those who are following this current one. Especially when we collectively refer to it as "The World Cup," as though it's the only event of its kind. FIFA doesn't really do much to promote a level playing field for gender equality either: on its website, you'll see there's the 2014 World Cup Brazil on the association's home page, and then there's the Women's World Cup Canada 2015 on a page of its own.

So a goal for all of us: From here on out, how about we start calling this year's event the Men's World Cup? It's an extra syllable, sure, but that one word is a major game-changer.

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