So that happened.

A literary character once said, "A person doesn't turn a decade older all at once." It doesn't even really matter who said it since the statement is such a truism, and yet, you kind of do feel the weight of an entire 10 years when you find yourself with a new zero at the end of your age. One of the unexpected side effects of turning 30: I continually reflect back on the past and project into the future in chunks of time (It's great. Sometimes). What was I working on ten years ago? Who did I kiss for New Year's Y2K? How many nieces and nephews will I have in five years? It's a silly way to procrastinate, and a doozy of a rabbit hole to jump down with friends. Just thinking about the state of fashion and trends alone is pretty wild:


Online street style didn't exist.

Blogs were the digital journals of nerds and techies.

The Motorola Razr wasn't even the hot phone that everyone had to own yet (that debuted in 2004)

Victoria Beckham was still "Posh Spice."

The Olsen Twins were 15. And Tavi was 5.

Karl Lagerfeld was 50 pounds heavier, Marc Jacobs looked about 20 years older, and Alber Elbaz was about as unknown outside of fashion circles as Lanvin, the label he took over.

SATC for the Peter Pan Girl

Burberry's FW12 Beauty Looks Like Carine