SATC for the Peter Pan Girl

The Sex and the City prequel series is ON. And given the relatively unknown actress playing Carrie, the show's bankability seems to be riding on a double dose of nostalgia for both the cultural era of the original SATC series, and the 1980s.

As Carrie Bradshaw might say, "I couldn't help but wonder..." for those who watched the show for the characters' wardrobes and dressing choices as much as for the plot itself—and that's probably the majority of us—there could be a real lack of substance this time around. Unlike Downton Abby or Mad Men, shows that have lent strong sartorial influences of their own lately (just look at Ralph Lauren's Fall 2012 collection), the 80s have already gotten the repeat treatment in the last decade—multiple, muliple times. While Downtown Abby and Mad Men encourage a fondness and romance for bygone eras, one of which was before our time entirely, mining the 80s at this moment feels tired and even more so for seeming unabashedly oblivious to that very notion.

That decade was not an especially great era in a lot of ways, and not just in terms of fashion and style. So why do we keep dancing with it?

Naked and pregnant is as cliche as barefoot and pregnant

So that happened.