Naked and pregnant is as cliche as barefoot and pregnant

In case you were a little uncertain, there's a baby inside Jessica Simpson's stomach. And how do we know that? Well, for starters, she's on the cover of Elle's April issue—naked. And, she's also doing the trademark pregnant-and-naked pose. What a waste of a magazine cover. We've seen this portrait before with previous celebrities, including Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford, and Britney Spears, all shielding their breasts and carrying their stomachs like watermelons. And furthermore, a nude pregnant woman, regardless of her caliber of fame, is not that rare a sight. Many of us might even be naked and pregnant at some point in our lives. When I pick up a fashion magazine, I'm hoping for something a little more exotic than a celebrity in her third trimester, which is what fashion and style should be—clothes, and how they're worn.

Here are some ways Elle could have made better use of their April cover:

1. Jessica Simpson, pregnant and clothed. No one really needs to see this person naked to realize that she has a bun in the oven, and yet the cover perpetuates the notion, implausible as it is, that someone might actually confuse her fuller body with—gasp!—being fat. It also pushes the dumb idea that pregnant women can't wear anything fashionable. So why not dress her in something that's exactly that: a look that's stylish and flattering, which shows off her figure and also happens to be on-trend. If nothing else, DVF's wrap dresses work on just about any body type.

2. An actual plus-sized model. As far as originality goes, a cover featuring a fuller-bodied figure in a fresh spring look would be forward-thinking, interesting, and far more provocative than what we've seen on most magazine covers lately.

3. Ryan Gosling. Because if Elle is really just trying to sell magazines, then that's a no-brainer.

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