Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

I'd love to have Cindy Sherman over for dinner some night—give or take one or two of her alter egos. Maybe Robert Downey Jr., too. Whether or not they'll actually come is hardly the point.

Call it the adult's take on MASH, that pen-and-paper preadolescent game that predicted your future spouse, car, job, family size, and residence, and left more than a few of my friends in tears at sleepovers (we took these matters very seriously), but dreaming up different dinner party scenarios is, if nothing else, simple fun, and far less mindless than playing Angry Birds.

It's trivial and entirely make-believe, yes, but in some sense we already do make our lives look more enhanced and attractive through Instagram and other artsy photo filters, so what's wrong with being a little starry-eyed and entirely transparent about it? Who would be on your dinner party guest list?


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