Dept. of Interiors: White-Washing

Let the slew of home decor websites, blogs, and even the imminent Design Hunting magazine (from the publishers of New York magazine) be evidence that we are indeed a culture of nesters. But scanning all the enviable apartments and homes on popular sites like The CoveteurLonny Magazine, Rue Magazine, The Selby, Apartment Therapy and Sous Style, has me wondering: Um, what's up with all the white-washing?

Don't get me wrong. I love these sites and the express permission they give me to poke around someone's home. But the trend of overexposing the images to an almost blinding, inauthentic degree doesn't leave me with that satisfying feeling of seeing how the other half actually lives anymore. And forget my inner snoop for a second—what if you're trying to get an actual sense of paint color?

A photographer friend tells me it's an aesthetic preference: "Overexposed photos on interior shots will make a room look like there is an abundance of natural light. It's like looking at apartments to rent. Most of us gravitate towards well-lit places, and pass on the gloomy and dark ones." That makes sense, but selling homes isn't the purpose of these blogs.

And while there's something to be said for having a covetable abode, it's not exactly equatable with having died and gone to heaven—but here on earth, it sure as hell looks that way.


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