I'd Like To Introduce...

I've been thinking about modern forms of etiquette lately, specifically with regards to introducing friends. A little while back, I read a post on A Cup of Jo that suggested introducing someone by their name first, then their relation to you. It's a subtle change, but one that leaves a big impression—and something I've been trying to adopt.

But what about when you're introducing two friends, specifically a married couple, and you want to convey both points? Saying, "This is ___, my best friend, and ___, her husband," doesn't give the latter friend his or her proper due as being more than just the spouse to the former. And saying, "This is ___, and this is ___, my good friends," omits their own, worth-noting relationship to each other (regardless of when you choose to note their relationship to you).

This conundrum's been weighing on me, especially as more of my friends tie the knot, and I love both persons individually. Anyone have any thoughts?

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