How do you ride your bike while wearing a skirt?

Two of my favorite summer delights—skirts and bike rides—usually require a little bit of pre-thought and effort to come off looking as, well, effortless and stylishly paired as they so often do on NYC streets.

For me, short skirts aren't so troublesome as much as longer, flowier ones that risk getting caught in the back wheel. I've been observing how some other chic lady riders do it, and so far I've seen three methods:

1. Bunching the skirt up in the front and making a knot with the fabric, or even a rubber band.

2. Stuffing everything under the "caboose" and sitting on it—you can't stand up while pedaling this way, though.

3. The "harem skort," as I like to call it: if the skirt's long enough, the back bottom part gets pulled up through the legs from behind, and tucked into the front waistband. This one takes serious confidence and panache to pull off without looking like a lunatic—not to mention a certain finesse as you actually do it.

Does anyone else have other tried-and-true methods for riding their bike in a skirt?

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