A Design To Banish Label Snobbery

Sometimes the best way to avoid label snobbery is to forgo the effort of creating a slick-looking sticker altogether. In the case of Cantamanyanes, a small-batch wine handcrafted in the Tivissa region of Catalonian Spain, the pared-down, hand-painted bottles wordlessly convey what the wine is all about: a wine that travels from earth to table, without the interference of distributors and other middle men. The work of Spanish design firm Enserio, the bottles are half-painted in a solid, light brown hue to represent the local soil.

Of course, "no distributors" means you'll have to travel to Tivissa to get your hands on one of the 600 bottles available—or just look for similar less-is-more packaging bottle trends on this side of the Atlantic.

URL: http://www.foodrepublic.com/2012/04/25/design-banish-label-snobbery

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